We all know that plastic is a huge problem for the environment, but also directly for us humans. In this respect, we protect our environment directly through our commitment and as one of the pioneers in the field of handbags and accessories with production under the fairest conditions.


A large part of our products are produced in Cambodia under the umbrella of the World Fair Trade Organization. This is supplemented by backpacks and belt bags made from recycled ocean-bound plastic. This has led to our being named an official partner of the UN Ocean Decade in 2022.


Beadbags Oceanboundbags unsere Philosophie Plastikvermeidung in Seen, Flüssen und Meeren

Our commitment to oceans, lakes and rivers:

  • In Cambodia, upcycling and recycling are central themes to avoid waste and create products from recycled materials.
  • We use recycled rice and cement sacks and mosquito nets mostly from near lakes and rivers (rive- and lakebound plastic) to contribute to a more sustainable future.
  • Our products stand for the reduction of water pollution from plastic and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Extension of the range:

  • In mid-2023 we will expand our range to include high-quality backpacks and belt bags.
  • These are made from both recycled PET bottles and recycled Ocean Bound plastic.
  • Ocean bound plastic was defined by University of Georgia professor Jenna Jambeck, a recognized marine researcher in the field of marine litter and ocean plastic.

Importance of Ocean Conservation:

  • According to Jambeck's research, the vast majority of ocean plastic comes from the world's coasts.
  • Although this is only a small portion of the global landmass, it is home to two billion people who have built their cities and livelihoods near the oceans.

Plastic recycling from European ports:

  • Our passion and commitment in the field of upcycling and recycling goes so far that we also recycle lashing straps that were in shipping containers from German deep sea ports such as Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven and process them into shoulder straps.
  • Otherwise, thousands of tons of ratchet straps would simply be burned because potential hairline cracks would not allow further use.

Recognizing our efforts:

  • We are proud to have been named Official Partner of the UN Ocean Decade in 2022.
  • This recognizes our actions and commitment to the health of water bodies.


Beadbags Oceanboundbags Startseite unsere Verantwortung für Menschen

Our concern:

  • We want to help the poorest in Cambodia, especially those suffering from physical disabilities or the devastating effects of landmines.

  • Our mission is to produce sustainable accessories that are certified by the World Fair Trade Organization and are close to our hearts - and we now have 600 artisans.

Our movement:

  • We are more than just a company - we are committed to improving living conditions.
  • Through direct design collaborations between Southeast Asia and Europe, we contribute to positive change.

Our products:

  • Each of our products contains not only a stylish design, but also a story of hope and courage.

Our cooperation with the Lebenshilfe

  • We are proud of our close cooperation with Lebenshilfe Remscheid.
  • Together we enable people with mental or psychological challenges to do meaningful work.
  • We firmly believe that every person has unique talents and abilities that need to be developed.
  • At Beadbags, the dignity and well-being of people is paramount.

Support and Impact:

  • Every purchase from Beadbags is an act of support for those who need it most.
  • Together we fight to improve the livelihoods in Cambodia and to offer people with mental or psychological disabilities meaningful and fulfilling employment.


Our sustainable bags, backpacks and accessories are true all-rounders. They combine extraordinary properties that make your life easier and more pleasant. Here's what you should know about our products:

  1. Resistant, light and resilient: Our bags and backpacks are made of robust materials that make them particularly resistant to stress. At the same time, they are light and comfortable to wear, so you don't have to sacrifice comfort.
  2. Easy to Clean: No more worrying about stains or dirt. Our bags and backpacks are easy to hand wash, so they always stay fresh and clean.
  3. Convenient storage options: Whether you travel a lot or just want to be well organized, our products offer you practical solutions. You are guaranteed to find the right bag for your needs.
  4. "EASY CARRY" - carrying comfort made easy: we have combined all the great properties of our products under this name. Carrying and using our bags and backpacks becomes an effortless and enjoyable experience.
  5. Premium quality with sustainability: Our Oceanbound backpacks and belt bags, which are made from recycled PET bottles and recycled Oceanbound plastic, will be available soon. With these products, we not only rely on the highest quality, but also make an active contribution to reducing waste.

Discover our selection of sustainable companions and experience how they can simplify your life. We are proud to be part of a movement for a more sustainable future. Join us on this journey and be a part of this change.