Welcome to! We are BeadBags - the unique brand for sustainable bags, backpacks and accessories. For over 10 years we have been pioneers in the manufacture of products made from recycled plastic materials. We put our heart and soul into a better future for people, the environment and companies.
That is why we have a large part of our handbags, backpacks and accessories produced under the control of the World Fair Trade Organization and have been appointed official network partner of the UN Ocean Decade 2021-2030 in 2022.

core motivators

Social responsibility

We're not just about great bags. We are also committed to social responsibility. With every purchase you support the poorest and most marginalized people in Cambodia, especially landmine victims and people with disabilities. Together we create opportunities and livelihoods. And meanwhile for 600 craftsmen in Southeast Asia.

Recycling and upcycling of plastic

At BeadBags we focus on recycling plastics from fish feed and cement bags, which we refer to as lakebound and riverbound plastics. Much of this material is collected near lakes and rivers. Together we work to reduce waste and pollution around the world. For more than 10 years we have been proud to be one of the pioneers of this movement and to contribute to the reduction of plastic waste and CO2 emissions.

Tropical storm tested bags & Co

We attach great importance to the functionality and durability of our products. Our bags are stylish, colourful, durable, lightweight and easy to maintain. They offer you the "Easy Carry" experience - made for your active life.

With BeadBags you not only invest in high-quality and trendy accessories. You contribute to a better future for people and the environment. Discover our collection now on and be part of our mission for sustainable fashion. Let's create a bright future together!