Beadbags Classic shoulder bag made of reused mosquito net NET3TJ silver

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Elegant upcycling shoulder bag meets stylish Tampenjan belt - one of our absolute product highlights.

Key Facts:

  • Height: 35cm; Width: 38cm; Depth: 18cm
  • Made from innovative mosquito net and fishnet material
  • 100% fairly produced, certified by the WFTO
  • The bag combines beautiful elegance with a very tear-resistant Tampenjan strap

More product highlights for you:

  • This bag is an absolute eye-catcher with its innovative material made from recycled mosquito net and fishnet material
  • At the same time, you make an active contribution to avoiding plastic waste with our upcycling product
  • Our customers tell us again and again that the cheerful color scheme of the product ensures real joie de vivre
  • You are individual, this shoulder bag is too - each bag is unique and is mainly produced by physically handicapped people, eg landmine victims, under the umbrella of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) in Cambodia. You make a valuable contribution to securing the livelihood of the local people.

As this is an upcycled product, the motifs may vary, but the basic colors remain the same. Each product is unique.

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Truly Fair!

Cambodian production under strict control of the World Fair Trade Organisation.

Truly sustainable!

Produced from recycled riverbound or lakebound plastic in Cambodia

100% upcycled

Our products are made from 100% recycled materials


People with disabilities are given preference in our production facilities.


Cambodian production under strict control of the World Fair Trade Organisation.