Beadbags Oceanboundbags Herz für Menschen

heart for people

for people" is our mission that drives us to provide the poorest in Cambodia with a livelihood. Landmine victims and physically disabled people in particular often find it difficult to find a job. Through the production of our sustainable accessories, which are supported by the World Fair Trade Organization are certified, we give these people a chance, and our direct design collaborations between Southeast Asia and Europe are a key to success.


Since 2022 we have been a proud network partner of the UN Oceanade 2021-2030, the transnational advocate for the protection of the oceans and waters. The UN Oceanic Decade strives to explore the unexplored reaches of the oceans and preserve the precious ecosystem for generations to come. As committed players in the field of sustainable accessories, we are part of a global network that is passionate about protecting and using the oceans responsibly. With access to valuable information, resources and expertise, we can make our products and business processes even more sustainable. In collaboration with other partners, we want to maximize our reach and advance our vision of a pristine and healthy marine environment. Together we will preserve and protect the oceans for future generations.

Beadbags Oceanboundbags Partner Better Oceans

We are also excited to be a partner of Better Oceans. Better Oceans is committed to creating collective awareness for ocean conservation.

As a proud partner of Better Oceans, an organization passionate about protecting the seas and oceans, we would like to present their important mission. Our oceans cover over seventy percent of the earth's surface and form the largest and most diverse habitat in the world. However, they are increasingly threatened by climate change, waste, species extinction, overfishing and acidification. These challenges not only endanger marine life, but also the entire ecosystem and our climate. Better Oceans was founded to make a positive impact on society and the environment. With their platform they want to enable a union to save our seas together.

Beadbags Oceanboundbags Partner Ozeaneum Stralsund

The Ozeaneum Stralsund is a fascinating museum that shows the beauty and importance of the seas in an inspiring way. Through its science-based presentation and interactive exhibits, visitors are able to experience and understand the wonders of the underwater world up close. The museum also addresses important environmental issues such as climate change, overfishing and pollution, and raises awareness among visitors to protect our seas. It is a place that inspires, moves and encourages rethinking - an absolute must for everyone who is committed to nature and the preservation of our planet.

Beadbags Oceanboundbags Partner Lesota Werke Lebenshilfe Remscheid

We have steadily expanded our sustainability portfolio.
In this context, we are pleased to have been a partner of the Lesota-Werke der
To be life support in Remscheid. We are proud to have established an intensive business partnership with Lebenshilfe Remscheid. Together we have converted disused file folders into a wonderful range of greeting cards, which we are now marketing together. However, the cooperation goes far beyond that: The straps that we use for our shoulder bags come from deep-sea ports and are cleaned and washed by Lebenshilfe Remscheid before they are incorporated into our bags. Lebenshilfe is therefore not only a great organization, but also a valuable service provider for us.

Beadbags Oceanboundbags Partner Remondis SE & CO. KG

As you know, we use recycled straps from German deep-sea ports as trendy and super-stable carrying straps for many of our bags. We are proud partners of REMONDIS, a leading international company in the circular economy with around 800 locations worldwide. REMONDIS helps to conserve resources and make them available on a sustainable basis. With standardized processes in waste treatment and impressive flagship projects, they set strong standards for sustainability worldwide. From diaper and coffee capsule recycling in the Netherlands to metal recovery. REMONDIS has received awards for such projects and its innovations have a global impact on the climate and resources.

Beadbags Oceanboundbags Partner Wattwanderzentrum Ostfriesland

As a company with deep North German roots, our homeland is particularly important to us and we are proud to be a partner of the Wattwanderzentrum Ostfriesland. The Wattwanderzentrum allows people to experience and discover the Wadden Sea and the sea up close, especially as a UNESCO World Heritage Site of inestimable value. We really appreciate the work of operator Joke Pouliart and his team raising awareness of the importance of the Wadden Sea to our ecosystem and the importance of its conservation for future generations. We are proud that the Wattwanderzentrum Ostfriesland is not only our partner, but also a customer for our recycled bags.